Are You Ready for a Propane-Powered Trimmer?

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Perhaps like most garden enthusiasts, you already know most of what can be done with a string trimmer. Keeping your lawn and garden in mint condition takes time, effort and the right equipment.

Your trimmer is your best ally in controlling weeds, trimming hedges and keeping your curb appeal aesthetically pleasing.

Among the many trimmers available to help you keep your surroundings neat and tidy, the is a great source of information on the various models that may be best for you.

However, if you are in the market for a new trimmer, or have had your fill of your battery or gas-powered trimmer, why not consider a propane-powered trimmer?

Lots of manufacturers are moving toward more eco-friendly machines that are designed to help reduce harmful emissions. highlights some newbies that are using cleaner fuels to help lessen the environmental impact of gasoline powered tools.

Propane is a cleaner fuel option since it emits significantly less carbon and ozone fumes. It is also more cost effective, and safer to use.

If you are ready to get going without excess cranking, choking or priming, then a propane powered trimmer may just be right for you.

A propane powered trimmer is ideal for large lawn or yard areas, especially when you are constrained by time or energy. It will:

  • Start up quickly
  • Use less fuel
  • Reduce contamination of ground water and soil
  • Have a longer running time when working
  • Emit cleaner gases into the atmosphere
  • Reduce gas leakages


Most propane-powered trimmers run on a 25cc 4-stroke engine

It comes with a 16 ounce propane canister similar to what you would use for camp stoves.

It is designed to keep your trimmer going for a few hours. The 4-stroke engine eliminates the need for mixing fuels; it simply needs extra 30-weight oil for general cooling and lubricating.

Although propane is a bit more costly than gas by volume, tanks require less maintenance, and you save on not having to supplement the fuel with additives


Propane-powered trimmers are easy to start up since it has an engine that does not require craning, choking.

There is also a smoother transfer of power to the trimmer shaft. The propane-powered trimmer enjoys fewer issues with vibration that may be caused by loose screws or jerking at the trimmer head.

Your new propane trimmer will emit less noise than a gas-powered engine, and it idles quite well since the power from the engine is a lot smoother.

They are available in curved or straight shaft models, but the prices may vary, depending on specific brands.

The propane trimmer is supported by a shoulder harness that helps reduce strain on hands, shoulders, and arms during operation. This is ideal for persons who suffer with arthritis or other joint issues.


  • No strong gas odors on hands or clothing
  • No mixing of fuels
  • Quieter engine, yet more power
  • Easy to start up
  • Easy to change cylinders
  • Cleaner burning


They are a bit heavier than gas-powered trimmers.

If you are thinking of moving towards a greener economy and employing more environmentally friendly products around the home, the propane-powered trimmer may be a good place to start.

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